Medozons Ltd. is a medical company engaged in the development of innovative methods of ozone/oxygen therapy as well as manufacture of equipment & accessories for ozone/oxygen therapy successfully used in different fields of medicine: internal diseases, surgery, urology, obstetrics & gynecology, neuropathology, infectious diseases, combustiology, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatovenereology, cosmetology, dentistry, traumatology, intensive care etc. Our products range includes Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series customized with Standard Accessory Packages (AP) according to medical speciality as well as Cosmetic Ozonized Olive Oil of O'THREE line. Our products are approved by the Russian Ministry of Health, the Russian Certification Institute according to Russian GOST standards as well as the Certification Notified Body TUEV Austria according to European standards (CE).

Our company was established in 1995 as a result of the successful cooperation with the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy provided a scientific-medical support, on the one hand, and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center ARZAMAS-16 provided a scientific-technical support, on the other hand.

The head office is located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (approx. 450 km north-easterly from Moscow, with approx. 1,5 millions of inhabitants, the capital of Povolzhskiy Federal Region of the Russian Federation).

Only recently, our main activities have been concentrated within the Russian Federation and CIS, but the situation is rapidly changing and already now our company is exporting its products & technologies to different countries of Europe (Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Finland …), North Africa (Morocco, Egypt …), Middle East (Israel, Lebanon, UAE …), South Asia (Pakistan, India, China …), South-East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) and Australia being oriented to further expansion of our sales and distribution structures worldwide. Scientific and marketing support for our customers and trade partners is also a part of our services as well as product training and further education.