We are pleased to present the high-effective method of ozone therapy specifically designed for cosmetic purposes i.e. the so-called multi-injectory "non-surgical" ozone liposuction in the form of subcutaneous injections of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in large quantities. This method is used in the treatment of large body areas damaged by cellulites or local lipodystrophy being an integral part of anticellulites treatment programs.


Before the basic treatment in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections it's recommended to perform a preparatory vacuum massage with Cosmetic Ozonized Olive Oil O'THREE-superOzonide (the "problem" area is prepared for subcutaneous injections, at the same time, owing to the analgesic effect of ozone the threshold of pain sensitivity is decreased), after that an ozone/oxygen gas mixture is introduced into the "problem" area through the special attachment shortly called as a multi-injector. After the basic treatment in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections the treated area should be carefully massaged for equal distribution of gas mixture in subcutaneous cell tissue.

Designed for saturation of water, solutions, oils with ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in standard glass or plastic bottles with a screwlid (for example, Coca-Cola or mineral water plastic bottles).

The priority of the Russian school of ozone therapy is wide use of ozonated saline intravenous infusions (drips) - a systemic method of ozone therapy considered as a genuine alternative to major autohaemotherapy and rectal ozone insufflations. To the patient this method provides comfort during the procedure, hygienic safety and better therapeutic effects. More and more doctors worldwide estimate the benefits of the Russian method:

Major autohaemotherapy with ozone. One of the most effective methods of systemic action. During this procedure a certain quantity of the patient's blood is taken from the cubital vein, mixed with an ozone/oxygen gas mixture in a plastic haemakon or sterile bottle from physiological saline. The received mixture containing active oxygen forms (ozonides) is intravenously re-infused to the patient through the same disposable system. Below is shown one variant of this procedure after Prof. S.P. Peretyagin.

Designed for insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures & instillations of ozonated liquids. Made of ozone-resistant medical plastic.





Vaginal catheter, disposable d = 6mm, l = 80mm, Luer's cannula (10pcs./pack)


Rectal catheter, disposable d = 6mm, l = 200mm, Luer's cannula (10 pcs./pack)