Designed for insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures & instillations of ozonated liquids. Made of ozone-resistant medical plastic.





Vaginal catheter, disposable d = 6mm, l = 80mm, Luer's cannula (10pcs./pack)


Rectal catheter, disposable d = 6mm, l = 200mm, Luer's cannula (10 pcs./pack)





The catheters are elastic, transparent and convenient for use. Along with elasticity they are enough hard to be easily inserted into the body without causing any discomfort to the patient.


The eyes (openings) of catheters are of appropriate size and form to guarantee the maximum flow of gas or liquid, they have smooth rims that do not irritate the patient.


The use of catheters in combination with other accessories of Medozons series ensures maximum of efficiency and convenience of the treatment performed.


The catheter consists of a tube with openings and a connector "Luer-cannula" allowing connecting it to the attachments of type "Luer-Lock" and "Luer". For connecting the catheter to the attachments of type "Janet" use an adapter that comes within the connection set (order-No. 50\07).

Example of Connection