We are pleased to present the high-effective method of ozone therapy specifically designed for cosmetic purposes i.e. the so-called multi-injectory "non-surgical" ozone liposuction in the form of subcutaneous injections of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in large quantities. This method is used in the treatment of large body areas damaged by cellulites or local lipodystrophy being an integral part of anticellulites treatment programs.


Before the basic treatment in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections it's recommended to perform a preparatory vacuum massage with Cosmetic Ozonized Olive Oil O'THREE-superOzonide (the "problem" area is prepared for subcutaneous injections, at the same time, owing to the analgesic effect of ozone the threshold of pain sensitivity is decreased), after that an ozone/oxygen gas mixture is introduced into the "problem" area through the special attachment shortly called as a multi-injector. After the basic treatment in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections the treated area should be carefully massaged for equal distribution of gas mixture in subcutaneous cell tissue.


In contrast to subcutaneous ozone injections made by a syringe though a single needle the low-flow multi-injectory method is performed as follows: the special O3 outlet of medical ozone generator i.e. MEDOZONS-BM-02 (with a built-in low-flow multi-injectory unit) is connected to the multi-injector (the so-called "comb") which 5 output end is attached to 5 connection hoses each fitted with a standard 30 gauge needle to be applied subcutaneously to the "problem" area. As a result, the ozone/oxygen gas mixture is supplied to the cellulites area directly from the ozone generator at a stable very low flow-rate (about 2 ml/min through each of 5 needles); during this procedure the gas mixture is equally distributed through the intercellular space of the "problem" area. Thanks to a very low-flow and supply equality this procedure is atraumatic, effective and painless!!!


The multi-injector in construction

MEDOZONS-BM-02 with a built-in low-flow multi-injectory valve (on the right) and a multi-injector connected to the left port

Demonstration of treatment at the thigh area

The therapeutic effect of ozone in cellulites is produced by different mechanisms of action. Ozone reacts with the double bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids by modifying their properties that results in the break-down of lipid chain, the hydrophobic lipids are converted into the less stable hydrophilic compounds. Thanks to the properties to improve microcirculation, to increase capacity of the erythrocytes to transport oxygen to tissues as well as the fibrolitic effect, ozone facilitates resorption of the part of connective tissue structures surrounding the adipocyte that normalizes fat cell metabolism.

More information on the use of ozone therapy in Cosmetology you can find in the section "Ozone therapy as Medicine of 21st century"