The priority of the Russian school of ozone therapy is wide use of ozonated saline intravenous infusions (drips) - a systemic method of ozone therapy considered as a genuine alternative to major autohaemotherapy and rectal ozone insufflations. To the patient this method provides comfort during the procedure, hygienic safety and better therapeutic effects. More and more doctors worldwide estimate the benefits of the Russian method:

Simple & patient-friendly performance!
Strictly dose-related therapy!
Excellent therapy hygiene (no risk of contamination)!

Accessory Set for Ozonated SalineThis method is based on much longer and gentle contact of ozone dissolved in physiological sodium chloride solution with the internal environment of the patient when ozone drop by drop, molecule by molecule is put into blood circulation and immediately reacts with blood components, so the whole blood quantity being in circulation comes in contact with ozone therefore producing much better and prolonged therapeutic effects. Based on the use of considerably lower ozone concentrations as compared with the Western school of ozone therapy this method yields normalization of oxidoreduction potential of the organism.

In case of initial prooxidant shift characteristic of acute inflammatory diseases it activates the antioxidant defense system (AOD) therefore producing an anti-inflammatory effect, on the contrary, in case of initial hyperactivity of AOD characteristic of chronic, sluggish process ozone induces a prooxidant shift therefore decreasing the level of AOD.

As recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy this method is an integral part of almost all treatment protocols of different medical problems being successfully used as a monotherapy or in combination with local methods of ozone therapy or with traditional medicines to support their therapeutic effect.



The Recommended Accessory Set for Ozonated Saline Intravenous Infusions:


  • Glass bottle or plastic container 200-400 ml with sterile isotonic 0,9% NaCl infusion solution;

  • Connection tubing with a roller clamp (for ozone delivery). As an alternative you can cut the necessary piece of the PVC hose that comes within the Basic Accessory Package - Order-No. 00\AP-01;

  • Needles for saline ozonization, l = 90mm (for ozone delivery) and l = 180mm (for ozone removal to destructor) - Order-No. 31\02. As an alternative you can use a needle (d = 1,2mm) for ozone delivery and a needle (d = 1,5mm) for ozone removal to destructor;

  • Connection tubing (for ozone removal to destructor). As an alternative you can cut the necessary piece of the PVC hose that comes within the Basic Accessory Package - Order-No. 00\AP-01;

  • Hydrophobic filter preventing solution leakage into your ozone generator if your ozone generator doesn't have a built-in protection filter;

  • Infusion set;

  • Venous puncture needle Butterfly 21G/0,8mm;

  • Destructor for residual ozone - Order-No. 51\03.