One supply set includes accessories for external and intracavitary irrigations as well as for inhalative method. It is recommended for use in gynecology, dermatology, cosmetology, dentistry, combustiology, surgery.




The apparatus for delivering ozonized water fine dispersions is designed on the basis of ultrasound inhalator using the SAWRS-effect (resonance structural effect on the physical state of material surface).

Aerosol particles delivered in this way are of submicroscopic size (less than 1 mcm) with stimulated surface providing a long life-time of induced drops due to "self-coordinated" linked stimulations "volume - surface".


The apparatus allows delivering aerosol particles of ozonized water with advantageous properties:


  • Owing to size less than 1 mcm drops are able to penetrate into wrinkles of mucous membrane, pores and even through skin, factually it is a new way of introduction of medicine into the organism;

  • A therapeutic effect of ozonized water can be considerably improved thanks to ultrasound induction of the production of particles by powerful energy impulse.

  • Inter-action between stimulated aerosol surface and bacteria/virus membrane lipids leads first to misbalance of aerosol drop resulted in the so-called "drop explosion" and finally to efficient destruction of bacteria/virus membranes by "cumulative stream" produced thus improving a biological effect of medicine used.


The apparatus for delivering ozonized water fine dispersions can considerably improve the therapeutic properties of medical ozone applied by local, intracavitary and inhalative route.